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Thanks a lot for the information.
Thats exactly what we did with the french bottle. We connected it together
with a spanish bottle and filled it in few hours.

I will leave the 30 mBar regulator and test it when I am on the boat in
two weeks.

Thanks again for your help


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OK, one more piece of information. We have an American regulator. We have
bought Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) from the Caribbean westbound to Greece
visiting a total of 50 countries. Some of the places we have bought LPG
gave us unidentified LPG, and some were butane, some were propane and some
were GAZ.

We did not change the regulator for any of these. The only (small) problem
we had is that some of the LPG did not burn as hot as others which caused
our oven to NOT get as HOT as we wanted it.

I cannot attest to safety, etc., but I can tell you it works. So far
everywhere we have been we have been able to fill aluminum American 10# and
20# tanks, except for Greece. In Greece I bought a EU type GAZ container
and made up a hose connector from the EU tank to the American aluminum
tank...turned the EU tank upside down and in 4 hours I emptied the EU tank
into the American tank. I have seen adapters for sale on Defender that do
this, but I had enough parts to make one. The EU tank, unlike the American
tank, will feed/flow upside down. BTW, someone (an "expert") saw what I was
doing and said, "that will never work." It worked.

Sometimes, in some countries, you have to deal with what you have and they

Hope this helps.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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thanks a lot for the information.
actually how can i know what gas was really inside the bottle? on the
bottle it is written propane and the regulator that installed now is 30
mbar. do you know what regulator pressure is needed for what gas?


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In Europe and many other parts of the world, butane is the fuel of
and easier to obtain. When boats arrive in the USA and I am preparing
for resale, I often have converted them to use propane instead of
which is nearly impossible to find here. On the Eno stoves and on
domestically produced replacements I have installed, you need not
rejet the
stove or make any other changes to the stove itself. The stove ops
used to suggest closing up the igniter distance from the burner but I
this was not needed. Propane and butane, while very similar, vaporize
liquid to gas at different pressures so, absolutely for sure, you must
change the pressure regulator when switching between the two fuels.
all. Most cruisers carry both regulators after visiting North America
switch as need demands.

All the best,


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Why butane instead of propane?
Seems like you would need to alter size of jets in similar fashion to
converting from LPG to CNG. Best to consult with ENO or whatever
manufactured stove.

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hi everybody

does anyone know if it is possible to use butan and propane on amel
54 nr
i am not on the boat now and i also do not have the manuel of the
i had until now propane with regulator of 30 mb. do i need other
for butan?

thanks for your help.


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