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If your main boom was damaged, I have a 'spare' that you can have
for free. I rerigged my SM and have the original (my boat is a 1989
model) main boom stored in my backyard here in Florida. You can have
it for the price of shipping!

Richard Tate
SM#5 "Spice"

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My Super Maramu Wanderer was in Grenada during Hurricane Ivan. She
was on the hard in Spice Island marina. She sustained moderate
damage. Lost the Main Mast, rudder damage, bent chainplates and
got inside the boat. I did well as compared to other Super
Maramus. I
also did well as compared to other Oysters, Morris,halbergs and
Swans. I have pictures of stanctions going trough 1.3mm Oysters
sunk 72' swan, Halbergs with no rigs, benetaus without keels.

One of the reasons that you may be hearing so much about Amels is
that there were so many in Grenada. There were 15 in Spice Island

To Amels Credit they sent someone from Guadaloupe to acess the
damage. And Amel has also arranged for a barge to pick up the
vessels and return them to France for repair. To my knowledge no
other company has done this. I spent quite a bit of time in
after the hurricane. I think the damage you received was just the
luck of the draw. My boat could have easely been a write off if
had fallen a slightly different way or if the boat next to her had
fallen slightly different. Dont be lulled into a false sense of
security. Just because a hurricane has not hit a certain area in
years does not mean it cant be hit you next week. If you leave
boat in the tropics insist on extra stands, remove your masts,
up the companionway. I am currently in Trinidad, another place
has not been hit in 50 years but is a death trap if a storm ever
comes here. Dont be complacent.

If anyone would like photos of Grenada you can e-mail me at


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