Re: Boe thruster Bow gaskets and sail drive leak

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Eric, 2 similar foam donuts go outside, the other inside.


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I forgot where the neopreme gaskets go on thr bowthruster, inside or outside? Does someone remember?

When kimberlite arrived in St Martin there was a small amount of sail drive oil on the engine room sole . I inspected it and found that there is a rubber tyoe hose that connects the saildrive to the hull.
It is held in place by 4 hose clamps about 6 inched in diameter. I purchased the wide hose clamps with a bolt in it. the type used on large marine exhausts. i replaced the 4 clamps with the 2 wider ones and the leak seems to have stopped. the original clamps were actually loose.

If you have this setup , I would suggets tightening the hose clamps.

Fair winds
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