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Howard, Thanks for the reply. Using the aft locker is a great idea and a natural because of the bottom drain. I have looked at and enjoyed your Jazz photos many times. I lived on Staten Island for many years and Lockwoods in NJ was the best yard around. I was going to use the aft locker to store the extra bottle of gas but I would like to keep the gas line as short as possible and fit a smaller bottle in the original gas locker.
If I don't get an answer from the group the next step will be to investigate cutting and re- shaping the locker and its hatch to accommodate the newer tank... any ideas?
Are you still in Jersey?

Thanks again,
Ross - Old Maramu #261 1989

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Hi Ross.

I have 2 15lb propane tanks in the aft deck locker. You can see pictures in the photo album for svJazz which documents the refit of Maramu 144.

sv JAZZ Maraumu 144

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Hey all you current and former old maramu owners,

As you see by my previous post, I am updating the gas system and when discussing my long rang plans with Joel he told a tale of putting a notch in the door or the cutout behind the door to fit a regular propane tank in the gas locker. After removing the 2 campgaz tanks and measuring the door and interior dimensions I can not find a tank that will fit. What have you guys done to change over to propane? Pictures of the notch and size, brand or model number of the tank would be appreciated !!!!

Thank you all for helping me with my obsession, this forum is the best and I hope to meet many of you "out there"!!

Ross - Old maramu #261 1989

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