Re: [Amel] Volvo TMD 22 Fuel Filter - how many Micron?

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For what it is worth (I am not an expert):

I believe your Racor filter should be 10 micron and your engine filter should be 2 micron. I believe you will get too much vacuum when double-up and place 2 micron in both locations.

Also, think about the logic: Assuming that you source quality filters, particles larger than 2 micron are going to get stopped by the first 2 micron filter. In that case the second 2 micron filter is only increasing the vacuum pressure on the engine's fuel pump.

I am always leary of advice that goes something like this: "X is good so 2X is better." I had a knowledgeable boat engineering company ruin our watermaker by using 4 times the required amount of chemical to pickle the watermaker. When I asked him about this he said he thought if a little was good, more would be great.

I hope this helps...if not it gives you another view.


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Hi for what its worth we use 2 micron in all the filters. That way we get nothing bad into the injectors.


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I am about to change the fuel filters.

My Racor currently has a 10 Micron filter, on the Volvo TMD 22 I have Volvo 3840335 but it does not tell me how many Micron it is...

Technically I need to have some less than the 10 micron I have on the Racor. Any information?

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre 713-412-6704

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