Alan Leslie

Thanks very much Colin,

My ICOM 710 + AT 130 tuner + Pactor modem are now installed and all working well !!
I used the standard Amel triatic antenna, the lead comes down the mizzen mast as a 50 ohm coax cable. I used just the centre wire to connect the "Antenna" connection on the AT130 and taped up the shield on the coax.
I installed the AT130 on the wall of the hanging locker aft of the sea berth (over the battery compartment)...closest I could get to the antenna wire..and had to drill a big hole in the ceiling of that locker to pass all the cables through to the nav station.
The SSB (BLU) ground was a green/yellow cable, about 6mm2, connected to a shunt with the skeg anode ships ground cable (also green/yellow), marked "radio" behind the pullout panel at the back of the chart table.
Someone had hand written "BLU" on the SSB ground cable...merci beaucoup!!
I installed a 24/12V switchmode converter behind the chart table panel next to the connectors 24V marked BLU to feed the 12V to the ICOM.

The ICOM M710 is installed in the same place as yours,( removed the panel) with the pactor modem just sitting on top of the radio.
There's space either side of the radio to store folded charts and the Amel "bible".
AND it all works !!
In fact it works..at least sailmail does, much better than in my previous boat with an insulated backstay antenna and the tuner right underneath it.
In any event...very pleased...and thanks very much for all your help.

S.V. Elyse (yes The name is changed..slightly)
SM2K #437

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As promised, full step by step pictures of how and where we installed the ICOM 710 & AT130 Tuner (plus some other equipment at the Nav Station)on Island Pearl II now up on the site under Photos - title "Island Pearl II"

Fair winds
Colin Streeter
Island Pearl II, 2001 SM2K #332 - Now for sale in Brisbane Australia

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Golden Daze, Maramu 192 crossed the Atlantic twice with both.
We ended up using the satphone only. We used provider uuplus for
our email, which allows you to control what is sent to you and also
compacts the messages and we could get all email and weather in less than a minute. SailDocs is inexpensive and allows a text moving forecast based on your expected coordinates. Maps from various sources. All through email which cuts your time online.
Be sure to get the Iridium, as Globalstar still has no mid ocean coverage. Various weather routers will also deliver forcasts by
email or voice. We used Chris Parker and the money was well spent.

Ken & Judy,
Golden Daze
Chagaramaus Trinidad

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