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I was able to obtain some additional pics of the damage done to an
Amel. The Amel appears to have been knocked over while on jack stands
when a 20' wall of water came through. It seems to have the hull
stove in when it fell on a 20"-24" concrete piling. The amount of
damage seems rather minor considering the amount of concentrated force
applied to the boat. While there are so many random events in a
disaster like this, there are also a few examples that substantiate
the claims of the manufacture.

If the pics showed floating bodies or personal injury, that is an
entirely different matter. The forum shows pics of broken, damaged
and corroded parts with ideas on how to fix it. If you have to store
your entire boat in that part of the world during hurricane season, it
seems prudent to get as much info as possible.

I would also like to see pics on how the the damage was repaired.

If the pics offend delicate sensibilities...dont look.

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I see no point is removing the pictures. I totally agree with other
members reasoning for keeping the pictures and the forum open to wide
discussion on Amel and issues that can help Amel Owners.

I do think that, posting unrelated pictures of damage in Grenada (or
any other unrelated subject for that matter) is non conducive,

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