Grenada Lessons

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Our SM Excalibur was in Maine in September. We had good friends
aboard, a french couple who own a Maramu. They arrived on Sept. 7,
the day Ivan hit Grenada, where their Maramu "Fleur de Passion" was
stored at Spice Island Marina. For the next three weeks, as we
cruised New England, we tried to get information from Grenada. As
the news of the devastation slowly came out, the most reassuring
input was from Amel in France, sending people from Guadeloupe, and
making plans to bring damaged boats back to France.
The major lessons learned so far from Ivan: If a big hurricane
hits, what happens to your boat depends more on luck than anything
else...where it is stored, what hits it, what it hits if it falls
over, etc. St. David's did a lot better than Spice Island or
Martin's Marina, but probably because of how the storm behaved more
than anything else. At Spice Island, some Amels fared much better
than others -- mostly luck, it seems.
The other big lesson: Insurance matters. Some Amels had no
insurance for hurricanes, only for "tropical storms" (less wind).
These owners figured that hurricanes don't hit Grenada. Other owners
found that whether you are insured for "agreed value" or "value
determined by assessors" matters a lot. The latter group may be in
dispute with their insurers, an unpleasant prospect.
We will all learn a lot from the repair processes of the damaged
boats. Please keep us posted.
Best wishes to all who suffered losses from Ivan and other storms.
Regards, Roy

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