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Kent Robertson

Hi Daisy,
I'm sure you are by now well versed in Amels' monocoque construction, redundant safety and convenience systems, etc etc etc...what you probably haven't experienced is the comfortable and fast ride in most conditions. They are truly ocean boats but not so heavy that they slog along at intolerably slow speeds. Au contraire. They will speed along at 7+ kts in anything over 12 kts of wind. I have averaged at least 6 kts on all of my passages and have averaged close to 8 kts on a couple of passages when the wind was just right. When you are heeling close to 15 degrees its time to reef...that means pushing a few buttons, not climbing out on the deck to tie one in. You'll reef earlier and more often because its so easy. The cabin is dry and smells fresh even when the boat has been closed up for weeks.

Find someone in Oz who will take you out for a will be hooked!

Best of luck

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Hi Amel owners,
We're so glad to see that Amel owners are really proud of their yachts and we're looking at them seriously for our family of four to go long term cruising. Can anyone do a "hard sell"on us as to why they're so great? We are of the mind that you're buying a top-notch system, among other things, when you go with Amel, and we like the idea that employees share the ups and downs of the company (ie great service). Apart from that we love how they look & the type sailing they seem to offer :-)
So why Amel Super Maramu? This is the big plunge for us and there aren't many to view in Australia so we'd love your feedback.
Many thanks,
Western Australia (for now!)

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Welcome aboard. Glad you got an Amel.

Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

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Hello all AMEL owners and lovers of these great sailing vessels. I joined this site because of my interest in these boats and wanting to learn more. It wasn't long before I knew this was the vessel for me.

Since I live in Alaska it's been an exhausting search taking me to Hawaii, West and East Coast and USVI to find the right boat. May 7th my wife and I finalized our purchase of "Morning Dove" a 46' Maramu in Virginia. If you have seen this boat on Yacht World, well it's no longer available, it's now mineā€¦

Morning Dove was originally Henri Amel's personal yacht. Its last owner has sailed it for most of its life, crossing the Atlantic many times. If anyone is familiar with Morning Dove, I'd be interested in hearing from you.

I plan some upgrades this summer then to the Caribbean in the fall then next spring through the cannel then who knows where! I will be looking for interested crew willing to share expenses so drop a note. morningdove@....

I will also be looking forward to this site for is wealth of information and share some of mine.
Fair Winds

Bruce & Diana Moroney

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