Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Photos of damaged Amels - remove or not?

Mike Johnson

Hi everyone,

As a potential owner of a SM I monitor this site to learn and understand
everything about Amel, the good and the not so good. I have learnt an awful
lot about the boat and the company that produces them, none of what I have
seen or heard has deflected me from the opinion that an SM is for us.

A sanitised forum that only showed good is of little use to anyone who is
serious about understanding the SMs capabilities and limitations.

My vote is to keep the photo's.



From: closereach []
Sent: 23 October 2004 06:52
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Photos of damaged Amels - remove or not?

What do you--the members that make up this Forum--want? So far four
owners have spoken up: two to remove the photos; two to keep the
photos. This is your forum; if you have an opinion about this please
speak up!

I know why I started this Forum 3 years ago: to share knowledge about
these boats with other owners out there. The good. The bad. Seeing
photos of hurricane damaged Amels hasn't changed my opinion about
these great yachts. In fact, by posting the photos we--again--learned
something very interesting about our manufacturer. One of our members
reports that Amel arranged for a barge to pull 'their' boats out of
the water and to transport the damaged boats back to La Rochelle.
Hmmm. Has Swan or HR or Oyster gone that far?

I too am troubled by removing these photos. Where could this lead? To
censoring anything negative that comes up? We all have spent
considerable sums purchasing these yachts--could it be that we are so
concerned on resale value that we don't want any flaws or negative
findings to get 'out there'?

Some could say there was nothing to learn from these photos--but
morbid fascination. But is that true? Perhaps the owner the sunk
Mango/Maramu/Sharki will tell us if he/she had the watertight doors
shut tight or not. I learned that even putting the boats on the hard
didn't remove the boats from danger.

That's where I sit? What about you?

Richard Tate
SM #5 "Spice"

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