Possible sale of Nirvana genoa furler and genoa


We are going to pull the mainmast on Exit Strategy this summer. We may replace the genoa furler, which is a 1986'ish Nirvana. While it''s in good working order with a rebuilt motor, we are thinking about replacing it with a manual furler since the entire rig will be rebuilt.

The work will take place in California. Since the foil is one piece I think it would have to be trucked but perhaps someone would be interested in the rest of the components.

We'd also sell our genoa which has about year of use on it. It's a traditional Maramu genoa. We're making revisions to the sailplan and testing some new ideas for my company, thus the genoa will become surplus.

Demonstration of furler and genoa prior to rig removal could certainly be arranged.


Dave Benjamin
S/V Exit Strategy
Maramu #29

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