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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Thankyou Viet, we upgraded from the CQR to the lewmar delta and that was better but it sounds like the rocna is very good. We found the CQR quite unreliable.

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Totally agreed. We upgraded from a CQR - and what a difference. Not once a problem with setting, and survived 63 kn in last years Derecho in the Chesapeake without moving at all.

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Hi, Danny. I have a Rocna 40kg which fits on the bow roller and hasn't failed me yet in three seasons of anchoring in all kinds of conditions. It doesn't always hold if the bottom is very hard, but once it sets it hasn't failed to hold...even in shifting 30+ kt winds..
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Hi all.
We are thinking of upgrading from our Lewmar Delta anchor and wonder if anyone would like to share their views on alternatives. We have tried tyo fit a Manson Supreme which is very similar to the Rocna but the shank is too deep to fit into the bow roller. I think the Rocna may fit but I have heard some bad things about poor quality steel used in some manufactured in China.???
Would appreciate any comments about anchor types and sizes. Not going to go stainless so don't need info on that.
Looking forward to your comments.
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