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Hi Deb and Mike,

We decided to get away from headliner material so we're replacing ours with a product called Lonseal which is actually a commercial flooring material that comes in a variety of appearances. Our method is to aglue the Lonseal to a 1/8" thick piece of mahogany plywood (door skin) and then either glue or screw the assembly in place. So far we've done most of the forepeak and in our estimation looks far superior to vinyl. Costs are comparable to a high quality vinyl and it's easier to install and very easy to keep clean.

I'll be posting photos as we get further into the project.

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We are owners of a '93 Amel SM and have been trying to find out how to repair the sagging headlining.
At first just a small area in the front cabin of our Amel had vinyl loose and hanging (we're using bullclips as a temporary fix to hold the pieces up). Now there are several areas that are sagging in the main cabin, closets and wc. We have inquired about the problem and it sounds like a major project of taking it all out (requiring screws, panels and various other boat parts to be removed) and redoing it all with new headlining. We have also heard of people getting wood slats to screw in to hold the vinyl up. With this option, how do we clean out all the disintegrated foam/dust that is most likely resting in there without loosening the vinyl further. Where are the best places to screw in the wood panel pieces, what type of wood is best and what width? Also, what type of adhesive is best to reglue the vinyl to the fiberglass ceilings/walls? Any how-to advice would be greatly appreciated. If best to have it professionally done, any recommendations for someone who can repair the headlining in or near Croatia? Finally, how can we prevent the sagging from occurring again?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

Deb & Mike
s/v Coriandre

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