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Kent Robertson

Use the 220v 50a 60hz input. You will need to buy a 220/50 plug to put on your cable. Attach your blue wire to one of the two similar posts and your brown wire to the other one. The yellow/green wire goes to the post which is different.
You should be able to use your chargers (but don't use the 100a one if the batteries are depleted enough to take a bulk charge) and A/ C although some say not to use the AC with 60 he. I have used mine on 60hz and after 6 years had to replace a capacitor in the aft most-used unit last summer. Do NOT use your microwave, washer, or dishwasher on 60 Hz.

Hope that helps

On Jun 2, 2013, at 4:05 PM, "alexgennai" <agennai@...> wrote:

Hi friends,
I just arrived in USA from italy and I 'm falling crazy with tihe problem of the shore power:
As you know we have two problem: the volt and the hertz!
In the Marina I have : 110v 30 amp 60 hertz and 220 v 50 amp 60 herz.
I know I cannot use dish washer, clothes machine and microwave BUT , at least I would connect charger and air conditioner: someone said me I can connect ONLY 110v 30 amp OTHERs said me I could use 220v 50 amp 60 hertz . The MARINA said me don't connect 220v, I could break all my system becouse the 220v has 4 wires while european has 3 wires....anyway someone could tell me SURE whay I could use and how to put different wires in the US plug
Actually I had a plag with 3 wires : BLUE BROWN and YELLOW/GREEN and standard US plag has 4 wires: WHITE RED BLACK and GREEN.
my boat GRAND CRU is supermaramu 2k #443 with :
-2 Charger DOLPHIN 24volt 30 and 100amp
- air conditioner VECO COMPACT 9 EH
thanks for your help

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