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You can connect to the 220 volt USA pedestal.

Purchase a USA 50 a o 220 volt plug.

Hook the red usa to the Blue European wire

Connect the black usa to the brown European wire.

And the green usa to the green and yellow European wire.

DO not connect the white usa wire.

The chargers , Ac units, and water heater work on 220 volts 50/60 cycles.

On my boat there is a transfer switch behind the generator. It is in a
larger plastic box. If you want to verify you have it just follow the
generator output wires. There is a relay and a timer in it. It is
automatic. When you start the genset it automatically disconnects you from
shore power. I am sure your system is the same.

On Kimberlite there is no need to disconnect shore power.

This has worked perfectly for me for 10 years.

Fair Winds


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check the postings on this site numbers 2888/9/0 dated May 2007, you will
get wiring instructions and usage there.
Remember to disconnect the shore power when running you generator for 50
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Hi friends,
I just arrived in USA from italy and I 'm falling crazy with tihe problem
of the shore power:
As you know we have two problem: the volt and the hertz!
In the Marina I have : 110v 30 amp 60 hertz and 220 v 50 amp 60 herz.
I know I cannot use dish washer, clothes machine and microwave BUT , at
least I would connect charger and air conditioner: someone said me I can
connect ONLY 110v 30 amp OTHERs said me I could use 220v 50 amp 60 hertz .
The MARINA said me don't connect 220v, I could break all my system becouse
the 220v has 4 wires while european has 3 wires....anyway someone could tell
me SURE whay I could use and how to put different wires in the US plug
Actually I had a plag with 3 wires : BLUE BROWN and YELLOW/GREEN and
standard US plag has 4 wires: WHITE RED BLACK and GREEN.
my boat GRAND CRU is supermaramu 2k #443 with :
-2 Charger DOLPHIN 24volt 30 and 100amp
- air conditioner VECO COMPACT 9 EH
thanks for your help

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