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Hi friends,
I just arrived in USA from italy and I 'm falling crazy with tihe problem of the shore power:
As you know we have two problem: the volt and the hertz!
In the Marina I have : 110v 30 amp 60 hertz and 220 v 50 amp 60 herz.
I know I cannot use dish washer, clothes machine and microwave BUT , at least I would connect charger and air conditioner: someone said me I can connect ONLY 110v 30 amp OTHERs said me I could use 220v 50 amp 60 hertz . The MARINA said me don't connect 220v, I could break all my system becouse the 220v has 4 wires while european has 3 wires....anyway someone could tell me SURE whay I could use and how to put different wires in the US plug
Actually I had a plag with 3 wires : BLUE BROWN and YELLOW/GREEN and standard US plag has 4 wires: WHITE RED BLACK and GREEN.
my boat GRAND CRU is supermaramu 2k #443 with :
-2 Charger DOLPHIN 24volt 30 and 100amp
- air conditioner VECO COMPACT 9 EH
thanks for your help

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