Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] "Heaving To"

Steve Leeds

Dear Edmund,
We own a 1985 Sharki (#121) and have hove-to a number of times in heavy weather. We have always used a reefed main and reefed mizzen with the sails trimmed to the centerline of the boat. The boat will hold the "correct" position of about 55 degrees in heavier winds but will tend to fall off (and roll a bit)when the winds go down to 25 or 30 knots. With 35 to 45 knots the boat holds the position well and is fairly comfortable (compared to sailing under the same conditions). On one occasion we spent three days hove-to like this in the Mozambique Channel with 20 foot seas and winds up to 45 knots. While not "comfortable" we were able to cook and sleep with no problem. Strangely, because of the strong current (the cause of the big waves), we were set about 75 miles against the wind up the rhumline while hove-to!

Steve Leeds

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