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Hi before you get to far try removing the plow plug and clean it. Its most likely carboned up.
There are some time delays regarding start up AND shut down that you have to wait on.
Fuel pumps can be have at many marine outlets yours need to be a small low pressure low volume pump. It think we paid about $220 US for one a few years back.
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My Sharki has a non-working Eberspacher heater. I am in the west of Provence and have heard various stories including taking it out of the boat and sending it to Germany. Does anyone have any experience in getting that sort of thing done in the western Med. I have the phone number of the agent in Paris but before I took that route, I was wondering if anyone had encountered this problem in this part of the world? The previous owner said it was the fuel pump and it seems to me that if I could get my hands on one I could switch it out, if I could return it if that was not the problem

Greg Shea
Cap des Isles Sharki 133.

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