Domestic Water pressure switch.

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Thanks for the info

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Hi Martin,
There are two adjustment nuts underneath the grey plastic regulator cover.
No 1 is the range nut, No 2 is the differential which should set the flow
pressure. Then adjust the first one to set the "cut in" and "cut out". The
factory setting is around 20PSI .
There is a comprehensive explanation sheet on
If you can't find that I have saved it for you. Email me using my full name
Trevor Lusty

Sea Fever of Cuan
SM 425

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Thank you for your reply which solved the problem. Filling the pump
housing through the vent plug was enough to get the system going.

My delay in replying was due to my wanting to post the identity of the
replacement accumulator tank that AMEL supplied to me.

It is a SHURFLO tank and appears in the USA in the West Marine catalogue
for 2013 on page 482 as Model 492739 with a price of $324.99.

It has a female fitting unlike our original which was a male fittign but
standard adaptors bridged the difference. The top plate requires drilling
for the Reya pump. I also had to replace the rubber mountings and the ones
supplied by AMEL had a larger thread so the mounting plates required
drilling and tapping to take the replacements.

The new tank works well except that the pressure has to drop right off
before the pumop cuts in. Any advice on how to adjust the pressure cutout?

Amel 54 - 56
Norfolk, VA, USA

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I forgot to mention that if you have a Reja pump, you most likely will
have to prime it. Take off the hose from the fresh water reservoir and fill
it with water, there used to be a bleed bolt on the top of the pump that you
need to loosen until the water is free flowing from the reservoir.
Good luck.

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I have searched the postings and not been able to find an answer so
sorry if this is a repeat request.

After leaving the boat in Norfolk, Virginia, USA for 6 months we are
up to our ears in antifopuling, polishing etc prior to relaunch. I have in
the midst of this fitted a replacement accumulator tank to the system. The
original had rusted and was leaking air.

Note for fellow travellers, the replacement supplied by AMEL comes in
Shurflo packaging. Made in Italy, shipped to the USA, back to France and
then sent to us in the USA. If anyone is interested I will post the Shurflo
model number, just do not have it to hand whilst writing this. Also note
that the original (Amel 54 no 56) had a male fitting and the replacement has
a female fitting so adapters are required.

I have now put the whole thing back together and am not sure how to
bleed the air out of the system. We also have an empty hot water tank as the
boat had been winterised before I carried this out so there is a lot of air
in the syatem.

Grateful for any advice please.

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 No 56
Norfolk, Virginia, USA


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