looking for a second hand amel until 46 ft

Joerg Steffen <joerg.steffen@...>

Hi amelowners

after owning and sailing different boats in the past 30 years i plan do buy a amel as soon as possible.
Because my wife and i don`t plan to cross the pacific a model of 46 ft  will be enough for us.

In the past in build 2 yachts (v.d Stadt 40 and Reinke 43) with my own hands so I have the skills, the place  and the maschines for a major refit.

I look for a boot with a price of 100 - 150 K€, will put it in my private shipyard for 2-3 years and start cruising in the Med  and the atlantik.

Do you know an such an Amel for sale ?

Which type of amel would you recommend ?

Where are typicall problems of old amels (not only the vinyl linning  )

Experiences concerning spare parts, especially for the amel specific parts like "Saildrive", electr. winches etc. ?

Actually I think on a santorin, do you thinks this would be a good choice ?

Many thanks, best regards
Joerg Steffen
Just now onboard  a low quality  2007er  Bavaria 37

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