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I am the owner of an Amel Mango built in1980 .I bought her in 1994 since them the boat has been maintained by professional staff, and today is in perfect condition to sail anywhere. Just 1 month ago the boat has been in the shipyard carrying out a refit. We are planning to sail it in the coming months by the Baleares islands in the wst Med. After that I am will be retired and that is the reason for selling it. The price could be in the range of 120.000€. The boat is moored at Alicante , East of Spain.
Let me know if you are interested to provide you full information.
Amel Mango Aloysius.

Luis I. González de Vallejo

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Asunto: [Amel] looking for a second hand amel until 46 ft


Hi amelowners

after owning and sailing different boats in the past 30 years i plan do buy a amel as soon as possible.
Because my wife and i don`t plan to cross the pacific a model of 46 ft  will be enough for us.

In the past in build 2 yachts (v.d Stadt 40 and Reinke 43) with my own hands so I have the skills, the place  and the maschines for a major refit.

I look for a boot with a price of 100 - 150 K€, will put it in my private shipyard for 2-3 years and start cruising in the Med  and the atlantik.

Do you know an such an Amel for sale ?

Which type of amel would you recommend ?

Where are typicall problems of old amels (not only the vinyl linning  )

Experiences concerning spare parts, especially for the amel specific parts like "Saildrive", electr. winches etc. ?

Actually I think on a santorin, do you thinks this would be a good choice ?

Many thanks, best regards
Joerg Steffen
Just now onboard  a low quality  2007er  Bavaria 37

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