Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] "Heaving To"


Ed from Doodlebug
Thanks for the information. I have never tried heaving-to with just the
mizzen sheeted in hard. It sounds like a very simple and safe maneuver and one that
I will try.
The super maramu will heave to in the conventional manner with a very easy
and comfortable motion with the jib reefed to about 40% and the mizzen sheeted
I have tried it 30 kts plus south of the Canaries on my way to the Cap Verde
Islands. We spent a fairly comfortable 24 hours in this manner with no
significant rolling.
The only problem is that you do have to get out of the safety of the cockpit
to rig a jib sheet to run inside of the windward shroud. Otherwise, it will
chafe on it, or worse, cause damage to it.
I enclose a photo that illustrates the problem. Running a sheet "inboard" was
not difficult but does require some thought especially in bad weather
I hope this makes sense to you. Let me know what you think.

Regards to all


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