[Amel] Re: SSB installation on Amel 54

Alan Leslie

Hi Eric,

Here he is :


This is what he told me :

The Split Lead SSB antenn is priced at $ 465.00 plus shipping. We have found the most cost effective shipping is via US Postal Priority Mail International wich wouls cost approximately $ 75.00 with delivery in 6-10 days. We aslo can ship via FedEx but the cost is considerably higher. We accept either Master Card or Visa.

The antenna is designed for stay diameters between 1/4" and 7/16" and requires 34' of space on the selected stay. It is aupplied with a 15' long lead wire(GTO15) for connection to your tuner. I have attached some professional and consumer comments on this antenna for your consideration.

Thanks for your interest in our products. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ed Russell
GAM Electronics Inc
Manchester, NH
E-mail: gamelectronicsinc@...


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HI do you have a contact for him?

I am in the next town.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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I think that all of you are wasting your time re the ssb antenna.I put a GAM antenna on over my backstay. There are two wires in it, absolutely watertight, no problems with salt water. You can hirea n electronics tech to adjust your tuner. To install, simply slide it up your backstay with small interval wire ties, and works better that the salt encrusted backstay and requires no interruption of the stay. Tuner is on shelf starboard side of stern lazzarette. Murray Seidel. Sundance 349. Sundance is now in Oyster Bay owned by Stephen Lees. He had a great 3 ½ day run from Wrightsville Beach, N.C. to oyster Bay. The boats new name is SEQUEL.

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I am using the starbord backstay. There is an "ideal" length for the antenna, seems like I remember 23 ft? That leaves plenty of room to put the lower insulator high enough to keep it out of reach. You just don't want to be touching it when transmitting.

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I will concede to Eric regarding his experience using a whip antena to transmit from Lisbon to Canada. Another downside to using the mizzen stay as an antenna is that it is hard to resist grabbing on to it as a hand hold.

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I have been using the factory installed whip antenna for the last 10 years . I have spoken to my weather steerer Herb from France, Lisbon and across the Atlantic. He is Located in Canada.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Super Maramu #376


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Regarding the SSB installation, my aft missen stay with a insolator is my antenna. My understanding is that the longer the antenna the better. I have used it for sending and receiving email via Sailmail using their Rocky Hill, NC station which is over 1000 miles and it works fine. One note of importance is to run the antenna lead cable in PVC conduit and stand it off from the stay as it follows the stay to a point of attachment above the insolator. Otherwise radio interferrance will enter the stay and the other boat wiring.

John S. Rogers
SM #105 Its Good
Northeast coast, USA

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Hello Peter, Many years ago I crewed on a yacht doing the ARC and it had an Icom with the fibre glass antenna. When we were half way across the Atlantic Andrew Bishop, who now runs the ARC, was stuck by the gybing boom and knocked unconscious. We got him down below and when the net came on his father called up for medical advice. This was to put him in his bunk and get him checked when we got to Barbados.
A short while later we heard Cornell talking with his office in the UK trying to get media coverage for the ARC’s life saving advice! The skipper, Andrews father, then had to call his wife in the UK over the short wave link to tell her that there was nothing to worry about in case she read something in the press about her son’s alleged perilous medical condition. This was all done at long range over the fibreglass antenna so I had no concerns about the one on my boat. I would have grave doubts about the competence of your adviser. When the installation is complete get an amateur radio operator to contact anyone at least 1000 miles away for a radio check to make sure you have a good installation and put your mind at rest.
Good luck, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM2K 319 Malta

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I finally bough my dream Amel 54 (hull no 35) from an Italian Rudi Peroni in Rhodes last week.

I too am installing Icom 801 SSB. I was told the 2.4m long whip antenna was only for receiving the DSC reply to a distress call and the main antenna for tx/rx should be a separate either triticale or back stay long antenna. Is that not correct.

The Icom 801 is just a marinised version of Icom 802.

Thanks for your help earlier too.


Peter Forbes

07836 209730

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Hi you need to mount the tuner in starboard stern so you can get to the ground foil. Best to use the whip Antenna. Next the back stay. Using the triact means running a very long wire = lost power and poor reception.

Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

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I bought an ICOM M802 with tuner AT-140, Pactor modem and I would like to
install it on the boat.
Maybe someone could help me with a few questions.
I would like to use the antenna between the mizzen and main mast. Would you
advice it?
Can someone tell me where I should place the tuner and where is the best
place to install the main unit?

Thanks in advance for your help

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