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Kent Robertson

Ahhh, the joy if fixing something yourself! Probably saved yourself a couple hundred bucks! You da MAN!
On Jun 4, 2013, at 10:06 AM, Alexandre Uster von Baar <uster@...> wrote:

Dear Bill, Kent & Jason,

Thank you very much for your input:

The aft unit (compressor not kicking in) was because a wire got loose (after I looked at it on Sunday). So now it is working again - Using a volt meter (on micro microfarad I also saw the 3 capacitators were not good) I have some coming. So was not that obvious.

The forward unit (no longer blowing cold air and freezing up) was due to poor ventilation and not running the fan on high speed (a neighbor/boat owner who work on Air Condionning said just like Bill) told me I should run the fan on high and adjust the thermostats. He checked the capacitators they were showing the proper microfarad rating.

I also went to home depot and bought some filter (to cut to size - usually for window units) which I am going to install

So again, as always thanks for your precious input! Feels nice to have full A/C again!

Hope you have a great day, sincerely, Alexandre

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The A/C will ice-up if the fan is blowing too slow. My experience is that you need to run them at high speed and adjust the thermostat next to the fan speed when it gets too cold.

Install your new fan capscitors, run on high speed fan and see if this clears up your issues.

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Oops. Sent that b4 I was done.

I have a list of replacement capacitors and relays if that's what is wrong. It is unlikely that it is the compressor. I had a refrigeration guy tell me I needed a new one, only to find the bad capacitor easily myself.

It's possible that it is a low refrigerant level, but I think you need special equipment to test and replace that. Check the capacitors and relays first. By then you'll have answers from those smarter than I.

Also, check the messages by searching for A/C or Climma. There are several threads about trouble shooting. I think it was Danny on Ocean Pearl who posted some pics in the photos section that are also helpful.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

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On Jun 3, 2013, at 2:33 PM, "Alex" <uster@...> wrote:

The aft unit was working very weak, only 2 of the 3 speed (will order some capacitator), and there was a strange smell, I suspect I was loosing the R134a â€" now I don't hear the compressor kicking it at all (only the fan), so it doesn't cool down the cabin at all.

Why does the compressor not kick in anymore? Is this because there is no more R134a refrigerant?

How can I add more R134a refrigerant? I will see if this leaks again (and cool down the cabin again).

The forward unit has all 3 speed working, was extremely cold, so cold there was ice on the coil (of the compressor) â€" but now it seems it can not cool down the forward room… is this because the outside temperature is too high or something else (may be the ice on the coil).

Also, why do I have ice on the coil of that unit (and only that one)?

Thankfully, the salon unit is ok with all 3 speeds.

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre 713-412-6704
Seabrook - Texas - USA

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