Re: Dingy davits for Super maramu


I have seen a solution which I may copy that
works well for stern to in the Med.. The owner has
replaced the Amel passerelle with a s/s & teak version
which is permanently in place and the halyard runs to a
winch & spinlock type jamcleat on the starboard side of
mizzen mast. On underside of passerelle is a s/s bar
fitted athwartships which projects each side (more to
port)& terminates in a lifting ring. The dingy &
outboard is attached to this in May for the season. By
lowering the passerelle the tender is also lowered into
the water & recovered same way.<br>The permanently
fixed passerelle with lockable halyard is also a huge
improvement on the inconvenient (& maybe dangerous?) Amel

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