batteries and turbochargers

asm283 <no_reply@...>


I have just replaced my batteries with a set of 9 trojan group 30s.
They fit perfectly in the old style 9 bank set up. As a bonus each
battery is rated at 130 ah as compared to 105 for the original
batteries and 115 for the group 27s that I previously had. Thus I am
picking up 200 ah from the Delco batteries.

I also had the problem with the engine not reving above 2100 RPM.
reviewing the posts I was ready for some major work. I called a
local mechanic Desi in Trinidad. He opened up the turbo on the
exaust side and found rust inside the turbo housing. He chipped away
at it and in 1/2 hour the problem was solved. He said that this is a
common problem with these engines and should be looked at every 2
years. It seems that sometimes the colling water gets up in the
housing and rusts the inside. I was amased at how much rust came
out. Learn something new every day.



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