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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the update, I did have some water drain out when I unpluged the hose. However after draining the water out the washer will still not run the spin cycle. It may be a faulty sensor or it could be that the belt is broken. I think that I may have to take the washer out of the cabinate and have a look inside...

Hopefully it is something obvious.

I am going to the UK next week and will pick up a pump. Did you change yous or just pick it up as a spare?

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It is possible that the pump is worn out, or the impeller is slipping on the axle of the pump.

You can check to see if the error is a result of not completely pumping out by removing the wood cabinet and checking the manual drain hose which is taped to the front of the washer. Have a bucket handy and remove the plug on this hose. If it is the pump, I found a "universal 230v washer pump" at Universal Askoll Washing Machine Magnet Motor Pump (ES1087464) for £9.99 inc VAT. I had it shipped to the US and my total cost was less than $30USD. BTW, espares also has knobs for your Eno stove.

Also, check this out:

I hope this helps.

BeBe SM2k, #387

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Our Thomson Australe washer is acting up. It will run thru the agitate cycle and half of the rinse cycle, it will then stop and flash between the rinse and stop lights. I have cleaned out the lint filter and also opened up the pump cover and shop vac'd out the pump area. I can see no blockages on the drain side and I think I can hear the pump running on the drain cycle. If I switch the machine straight to the spin cycle I can hear the pump run but again the drum will not start on the spin cycle and the spin light and stop light will both flash.

Does anybody have a copy of the Thompson Australe shop service manual? I am sure this is a minor problem that could easily be diagnosed with a good manual.

John Abercrombie SM #391

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