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Hi Jean,

That would be very helpfull, could you please send me both manuals to my email address. The address is notrevie123@...

Thanks very much

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I do have, in Pdf format, two owners manuals for your Australe. One is in
English, and fairly simple, the other in French, much more detailed and with
many more drawings of the innards of the beast. This being said they are
owners manuals and not shop manuals. If one or the other, or both, can be of
help let me know your email address and I'll be glad to send them.

Jean Boucharlat

Formerly SM 232

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Subject: [Amel] Clothes washer issue on SM 391

Our Thomson Australe washer is acting up. It will run thru the agitate cycle
and half of the rinse cycle, it will then stop and flash between the rinse
and stop lights. I have cleaned out the lint filter and also opened up the
pump cover and shop vac'd out the pump area. I can see no blockages on the
drain side and I think I can hear the pump running on the drain cycle. If I
switch the machine straight to the spin cycle I can hear the pump run but
again the drum will not start on the spin cycle and the spin light and stop
light will both flash.

Does anybody have a copy of the Thompson Australe shop service manual? I am
sure this is a minor problem that could easily be diagnosed with a good

John Abercrombie SM #391

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