VHF Antenna on Amel 54

Martin <yachtcaduceus@...>

We appear to have three VHF antenna. A long one and one slightly shorter on the main and a long one on the mizzen. These are, I understand for teh VHF radio, the entertainment radio and the AIS system.

We have had an on goig problem with the VHF antenna which I believe to be a failed antenna whip, or a join to the same at the mast head, everything else checks out. Swap the AIS and VHF coaxes at he chart table and we get great VHF but poor AIS reception and vice versa.

Can anyone help with the spec of the VHF antenna and if there is a coupling in the cable at the mast head. I suspect that the antenna is 3 foot (1 metre?) into a threaded base. We are in the USA and of course the coupling is likely to be metric which is not readily available here. I am therefore looking at replacing the base and antenna and anyone with experience of this replacement would be very helpful.

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 #56
Near Annapolis, MD, USA

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