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Hi Ross
I belive that the SM is similar with the Maramu, considering, insulation of the hull. We lived abord our SM for two years in South of Sweden before we left for our long time sailing. Those two winters where the coldest for twenty years! For two-three months we hade 30 cm of ice around the boat.
We used only the dieselheater. Our electrical backup heaters was unused.

We didn,t have any problems with freezing toilets or bilge. The only problem was that it got damp inside the cabinetts, so we hade to keep all the doors open to let the warm air in.

SM 232, Lady Annila

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Hi All, I am thinking of staying aboard my boat in NY harbor this winter. The built in diesel heater needs to be rebuilt and the fans replaced but I think I can bring it back to it's 1989 original system. That said... all my Maramu has is some foam backed vinyl and carpeting glued to the hull for insulation, in your experience will that be enough? or will I have to insulate for the northern winter. Also will the 3" ducting running throughout have adequate volume of air exchange to avoid the icing that I've seen on other heated boats during the winter? Will I need backup electric heaters? Any experience in how cold it needs to be to freeze the bilge and the toilets? Thanks again, Ross Maramu #251 1989

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