Re: [Amel] Fuses for Original Maramu Electrical Panel

Richard03801 <richard03801@...>

Hi there on 184 we had Euro ceramic fuses. You can fond them at auto supply stores that specialize in European cars. Not you local Pep Boys or Autozone.

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On Jun 8, 2013, at 23:29, "Robert" <jeremy@...> wrote:

Hey there, quick Q:

Has anyone found a supplier for the old electrical panel fuses on the original Maramu (near companionway ladder).

We've blown one and have reached out to Amel via email 3x with no response (sux)...if Joel is listening we'd super appreciate the help too.

I have put a inline glass fuse thats working now as a temp solution, but would rather replace the blown fuse vs replace the entire panel and upgrade it.

Maramu #105

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