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I found a print of Kristy's awning and took a pic of it to post in the photo album KRISTY SM243. That's why the quality is poor. In this photo the side panel of the center section is rolled up on the port side and is down on the forward and aft sections.
Sorry, that's the best I can do for now.
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Hi Kent, Denny, and all else who took the time and thought to reply - thank you. Kent - can you please post pics of your awning, as well as bimini/dodger. It will be great to have an idea in mind to start with. Thanks again. Scott

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Mine have side panels that can be rolled up on the shady side and down on the sunny side. I can use just one, two, or all three panels. The entire awning takes one person a little over thirty min to install or take down. Going forward requires that you squeeze around the dodger but I can walk on the cabin tops with just a little stoop. Be sure to incorporate a zipper at the exit points on either side of the cockpit.

In the cockpit there is plenty of room to stand as the dodger canvas is stowed.

Even if I'm only going to be somewhere a short time I often put up the awning over the cockpit (from main to mizzen...that alone makes a big difference.

I'll try to post a pic or two.
SM 243

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Hi don't know your location in the Caibb. There is a very good canvas shop in Old English Harbor that does very good work. You may find one in Trinidad. As others have written find a craftsman that has done them before. You've got 3 or 4 halyards to use to support it. Best is to stay above the boom so you can walk below the cover.

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We have a Sunbrella cover, 2-piece, that goes from main mast to back-stays and includes a water collector that goes thru a filter and into the water tank. We can collect several hundred liters per hr in a typical tropcial downpour. I think the size of the cover and the normal stretch of the material make it impossible to get a good fit without some tweaking by the craftsman. For even small pieces of Bimini, direct measurement has been necessary. Use the pictures to decide what you want, but then have it made by a craftsman, on site.
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We are wanting to fabricate a full awning for our Super Maramu, and happen at present to be in a western Caribbean backwater without a local canvas shop. Does anyone out there have plans/specifications/blueprints for an awning for an SM, and perhaps also know of a good canvas maker who can possibly ship to us? Thank you.
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