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We didn't go the marine use route. We purchased low pile berber from a carpet mart near us. Took it home and laid out the old carpet as a pattern and cut each piece. We then took all the pieces back to the carpet mart and they stitched binding onto all pieces. Looks great and only cost about $110.00.

Pat & Diane
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Hi Gary. I got the Honey Beige Berber made by Shaw. It has a wavy-looking rubbery-feeling backing and is made for marine use. I had them put velcro where there was velcro on the old ones, but I'm not sure that's really necessary. Shaw makes several different colors in that berber. There is another honey beige that is a cut pile carpet which is made by someone else and is not made for marine use. That one isn't backed.

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Hi Kent:

I googled the "honey beige marine carpet" and found several vendors. Was yours rubber backed like the original or did you have to use double sided tape to keep it from slipping etc.

Gary Silver

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The carpet was about $250 and the fee for cutting and edging was $440...almost $700 total.
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