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Hi Eric, thanks for your reply.

I de-mounted the S shaped fitting at the top of the hose (mostly to gain easy access) and took the sensor off, lowered the S fitting and hose to the level of the sea chest to verify that sea water emerged and thus verified that the line was patent. I applied suction to the base of the sensor initially by sucking on it with my mouth and then subsequently by applying suction with a small hand pump while measuring continuity with my ohmmeter. No amount of vacuum would cause the sensor to achieve contact.

You used the word "hoses" (plural). Mine only has one hose, that comes off just outside the sea chest and runs vertically alongside the fuel tank to a small S shaped fitting and bracket that is screwed to the fuel tank wood trim. Wish I had a picture as it would be worth a thousand words.

When Maud gets back to me I will post more.


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I replaced the sensor and found that one of the hoses had a small leak. Did
you try sucking on the hose that runs to the sensor?

That is how I now test my sensor.

Fair Winds


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Hi All:

On my last trip I noticed that the sea chest obstruction alarm didn't sound
when I filled the toilet with sea water with the sea cock closed ( my normal
test of this sensor ). Testing the sensor showed it was corroded and
inoperative. I am currently in correspondence with Maud at Amel about
obtaining a replacement. Does anyone have specifications for this sensor? It
looks like a 1/8th inch pipe thread and is a vacuum pressure transducer,
most of which are adjustable, but I don't know what degree of vacuum to look
for. Any thoughts?

All the best,

Gary Silver

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