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Hi what is blocking the track. If it is dirt and salt why not go up with a hose and wash it out?

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Does anyone know if the mast needs to be dismantled in order to replace/repair the foil on the mainsail furler? We tried to hoist a new mainsail on our SM '93 and the swivel got stuck about 20cm from the top and wouldn't budge. Some guys went up to have a check and after freeing up the swivel (24hrs after spraying with WD40 and a bit of pounding with a rubber hammer did the trick)they think it is the foil. We probably need to have a crane take off the mast in order to get it repaired. Is there any other way (via the top?) this can be done? We are guessing the cause is wear and tear - it is the first time the mainsail has been changed, also perhaps salt and sand getting into the mast? We are debating whether to go through the process of a dismantle depending on time factor or putting old sail back on (up to point swivel got stuck - will have to get some of old sail shortened) to get through season and then have done next winter. Our main question is whether the mast has to be dismantled in order to fix the problem or if there is a simpler way?
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