24v Solar panels

ianjenkins1946 <ianjudyjenkins@hotmail.com>

Hi Guys 'n Gals, Pen Azen now sits idle for several months each year . We don't like to leave the battery chargers on when we are not on board. We have had poor results from our batteries ( we have 8 service batteries), changing them every two or three years. I am thinking of buying a single solar panel to trickle charge the batteries when we are not on board and I would be interested in some guidance.It seems that there are three ways of achieving 24v solar charging 1. A 24v panel ( more expensive than its 12v equivelant) 2 Two 12v panels in series ( which seems to be all that a 24v panel is anyway)3. A 12 v panel with an MPPT regulator, which claims to give 24v output without loss of power.
We have just fitted Trojan 105 Ah wet ( not sealed ) batteries which I am hoping will last rather longer than the sealed units. Hu noes?At this stage I am not interested in using solar for more than a trickle charge in our absence. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Malta

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