amel mango bow thruster and furling electric motors

mangoamel <mangoamel@...>

It appears as if the bow thruster propulsion electric motor has
failed. I have e-mailed Amel as to availability of a replacement
motor but have had no response as of yet.

The electric furling motors and the bow thruster motors have four
cables. On the bow thruster appears to have the following: (1)
ground,(2)power from solenoid to run the motor clockwise0(3) power
from solenoid to run motor counter clockwise and (4) a fourth cable
which is attached to forward solenoid but it is not a power lead.
I suspect that it maybe some type of neutral or return that may go
to the negative side of the battery. I spoke with joel Potter he
described the electrical system as "a full floating electric
system"; however he could not tell me the function of the fourth
cable (wire). The four cable (wire) system is also used on the
outhaul, main sail and head sail furling electric motors. If someone
could esplain the purpose of the fourth cable (wire) I would
appreciate it.

Additionally, if anyone knows of a source for the propulsion motor
or has substituted another electric motor for the original one, I
would appreciate being advised incase Amel does not have one
available. Thanks to all for your assistance.

Don Pstterson

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