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Can you share with the forum the make and model of the on demand pump(s) that you used for the fresh water system?

I used a March submersible magnetic coupled impeller pump, 230 volt 50/60 hertz like this

for the sea water for the 4th Air Conditioning unit that I installed in the galley. It is quiet, maintenance free, has no seals to wear out or leak etc. The only down side was it was a bit expensive at US$585.00. They make various sizes but this one met the specifications for the Climma Compact 10 AC unit I installed. I could have used the excess sea water from the Calpeda pump used for all the other AC units but I wanted a separate pump for redundancy.

Ray Eaton (Joel's Amel guru in Ft. Lauderdale, now deceased) changed my sea water anchor wash-down pump to a fresh water system using piggy backed Jabsco on demand pumps. I now use that system to wash the entire boat while at anchor. Unfortunately I don't know the model numbers of those pumps. It has been a great asset tot he boat.


We just changed out the pump and tank system on another SM to an on demand pump to halt just on off problems and save battery life as well. It works great. We also replaced the AC salt water pump with a March pump. Smaller and sealed. With water cooled bearings.

Richard Piller

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