Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] "Heaving To"

Steve Leeds

Dear Don,
The wheel (and thus rudder) should be turned to windward. It has to be adjusted until you achieve the optimal 55 degrees bow angle off the wind. In our boat in lower winds we have a tendency to fall off too much which causes rolling. As the wind picks up, the mizzen turns the boat back into the wind. The wheel should be held in position with a heavy shock-cord to allow some "give" to relieve shock to the steering gear. The boat should be stalled, not making any headway through the water and producing turbulence from the keel directly to windward. This has to be determined by eye as your GPS will show the boat moving in some direction, generally downwind but possibly any direction even upwind due to the current.


mangoamel <> wrote:

Dear Steve;
When heaved to what position do you place the rudder? A midship?

Thank you,

Don Patterson

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