Bow thrusters

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hi Don,
If the motor has failed it can only be bad brushes or burnt out
windings on the armature solenoid or whatever. Find a local
electrical shop capable of rewinding and get their advice. There is
nothing majical about the repair except that it is quickly done and
much cheaper than buying and shipping a new motor.
It worked for us in Venezuela and other places. In Australia we had
a problem with the exhaust elbow on the Volvo on our then boat. A
replacement could only be obtained by having one flown out at huge
expense. A local firm in Queensland fabricated a new one out of
stainless in a couple of days and it cost much less than a
replacement even before shipping costs,import aggravation etc..
Try it,what have you got to lose!

Merry Christmas to all. Anne and John, SM319

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