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Hey Jeff,
Well that sucks. Anything else missing? My spare has always been in the locker under the starbord bunk in the VBerth. I've only locked the engine room when I left the boat on the hard. Thinking was that if ther was a fire someone could get it open to fight the fire, but maybe I should rethink that.

It's just a fixed 3-bladed prop. Any good prop company should be able to get what you need.

My fixed prop was over-sized and over-pitched for the 78 HP Volvo. I think it was 20" dia. I had it cut down to 19" and repitched to fit the Volvo based on the prop shop's size/pitch tables. The Volvo loved the change.

Another issue the Deltaville, VA Boatyard discovered was that the inner diameter of the hub did not precisely fit the tapered prop shaft on the boat. They put some blue dye/stain on the shaft, fitted the prop, and found that there was blue in the hub on only a small area. They measured the shaft and sent the prop to a prop shop in the area for re shaping the hub. When it came back retesting showed the blue was evenly distributed in the hub. Any good prop shop should do the same test to make sure your prop fits the shaft properly. If not it could cause vibration, or even failure of the shaft or loss of the prop.

SM243 Kristy
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I have just discovered that the fixed blade propeller for my Super Maramu has been stolen from the engine room. Does anyone know what the propeller is and where it can be replaced in the USA?

Miles on Ladybug (sm 216) Newport, RI

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