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Hi Jon and Anne;
Barefoot is in St. Lucia which is a problem as far as the
services available electrical repair. The electric motor when I
removed it, I found that one of the cables was broken and another
was two thirds gone. These cables were located at the top end of
the motor. These cables were replaced and I was able to get the
motor to run in a clockwise direction. The two cables that run to
the bottom of the motor inside the motor housing show continuity but
I able to determine their load carrying capability. One of these
cables is brazed onto a lead on the stator. St. Lucia does not have
the ability braze these heavy cables. Do happen to know the
function of the fourth cable?

Jon if you can read identification lable on the bow thruster
motor would you pass the information onto me. I assume you have a
12 volt system. Thanks!

Thanks for the e-mail. Have a very Merry Christmas

Don Patterson

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