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Hi Eric,
The stay-sail halyard goes to the top of the mizzen mast. The tack of the sail is secures to a ring bolt in the deck about 600mm ahead of the windscreen. The tack of the sail is secured to about 1m (3 feet) of rope that shackles to the ring bolt. The sail is contained in a bag out of the bottom of which comes the staysail tack line. This means that the bag stays on the deck when it is flying and is easy to return the sail to the bag when dropping. Between the last two life line stanchions aft on the rail there is a ring bolt. We attach a block to that that the sheet passes out side the rail and then through the block, and then through a block atached to the next stanchion forard and then to the small sheet winch on the cockpit coming. Our stay sail is a similar material to the headsail balooner.
To hoist. Run the sheet through its blocks and over the mainsheet. Secure the halyard and sheet to the hoist and clew respectively. Haul the halyard before sheeting in other wise it is too hard to hoist. Once fully hoisted  sheet in. When hoisting have the main well out and adjust it appropriately later. 
To drop. One person on the deck by the tack to gather, another on the halyard (with its tail secured). Leave the sheet on (very important if you want a trouble free drop) and just let the halyard fly, totally free. The deck person as the load comes off the sail gathers and once half in begin stufing into bag. At this time and no sooner release the sheet.
Our stay sail was made by the US company Mack Sails.
You can use the staysail from 90 degrees apparent (light winds only) through to 110 degrees apparent.(This can be as much as 130 true)The stronger the wind the further aft the apparent wind angle can be. With reaching sails we must always use apparent wind angles as this can be a lot further forward than true.
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Hi Danny,

You mention you have a staysail.

How is it rigged.

Fair Winds


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Hi Bob, good to see your name popping up on the site. Happy memories of your
kindness to strangers when we met at Oyster Bay in 2009.
Recently spent some time with Cameron Murray in Opua.
As to wind vane. Totally unessesary I believe. We have a Raymarine auto
pilot with a steer to wind option. We just did a run from NZ to Fiji in 10
to 20 knot winds on a broad reach.(max was 27) Most of the way we carried 4
sails (Headsail, main, mizzen staysail, mizzen) Only reduced if conditions
became or threatened to be squally. All the way we had the pilot on wind
steer. Wonderfull. The wind direction oscilated off the mean by up to 20
degrees either side. The boat just followed the wind, no trimming needed and
then the oscilation brought her back to the average course we needed. The
beaty of off shore sailing is the distances are so great you can wait for
the wind to shift, and it will to a surprising degree, and you do not have
to pendantically hold to a course. Any way we are sold on the wind steer
option. One night a squall came through with a 90 degree shift and the boat
just followed it, no back winding or gybes. Marvelous. Had all the time
in the world to sort it out.
The trip took us 7 days, the wind was just a bit far aft of the beam for
best speed, particularly when it was only 10 knots.
On other voyages we have found the steer to wind just as effective on all
points of sailing, including to windward. (to windward you need to lay off
slightly to give it time to respond before the wind get too close to the
SM 299 Ocean Pearl
Currently arrived Vuda Point Marina Fiji

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Subject: [Amel] Wind vane

Has any SM owner fitted a windvane for ocean passages? If so what make?
I am considering making this addition before my next passage but have heard
some reports that certain boats do not respond well to either Hydrvane or
Monitor systems. Thoughts?
s/v Minaxi sm6

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