Re: [Amel] Jupe ? (Skirts in English) on SM2K - what are they use for?

Richard03801 <richard03801@...>

Sounds like you have a sun shade.

Richard Piller

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On Jun 17, 2013, at 16:05, "Alex" <uster@...> wrote:

Yesterday I was installing the awning and saw a bag saying "Jupes" (meaning "skirts" in English. I have no idea what they are for...
They look like canvas, doubled, definitely 1 side is water proof.

They were 5.
One was 5.6 meter (or 221 inched) long by 73 cm (29 Inches)
Four were 1.4 meter (or 55 inches) long by also 73 cm (29 inches)

Could someone tell me what they are for.

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre
Seabrook - Texas - USA

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