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Welcome to the Amel club and welcome to Oyster Bay. I have been so tempted over the years to replace all my vinyl linings, but as I don't want to tackle the job myself and certainly don't want to pay the New York $125 ph boatyard prices I'll wait until we get to a cheaper part of the world.
Let me know your mooring number (I assume they put you in the CB section) and I will sail by and say hello. We kept Minaxi on a mooring there for years but this year are staying at a slip in Glen Cove as we have lots of projects to complete.
Oyster Bay is a great spot on July 4th, there is a huge barge firework display that you get a perfect view of from the mooring field. Drop me a line on bob@... and we'll get together.
s/v Minaxi SM6

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Hi Bob and Eric,

My wife and I just crused into Oyster Bay on May 30 with SM #349 that we purchased and brought up from Wilmington, NC. It was a spectacular 72 hour straight run off shore. She is currently named Sundance but will be rechristened Sequel in a week or so. She will be on a mooring there this summer.

I relate to your vinyl problem. Just last year we totally redid the overhead vinyl on our 1986 Beneteau Oceanis 430. We had been trying everything you mentioned but finally bit the bullet and took every piece down carefully and had them replicated at a car restoration shop in Hicksville called Auto-Mat. They did a great job and after many more hours struggling with spay adhesive, replacing woodwork and cleaning up it was gorgeous. And then, of course, we sold the boat. But it got us into our dream boat which we are just starting to explore and discover.

Just one warning. The dust from the deteriorated foam can be pretty toxic. Take real care not to inhale it.


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Would you like to join me for dinner at the Huntington Yacht club one night?

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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I am just around the corner from you in Bayville. Can't believe we have not
run into each other either in Huntington or the Caribbean.

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Where are you located in New York

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

Huntington , NY


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Thank you very much for sharing your experience and tips. This does sound
like a job for professionals as our DIY skills in this area are limited.
Will look into Lonseal too. Meanwhile we'll try to keep the dust residue
a minimum by continually vacuuming around the sagging edges before a
duststorm occurs!
Deb & Mike
s/v Coriandre SM102

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Deb and Mike,
s/v Minaxi is one of the first run SM's, hull #6 so I encountered this
problem several years ago. It seems to be an accepted fact by now that the
foam backed vinyl was a huge mistake. The heat of the sun on the deck
degrades the foam to a point where it is just powder and then of course
adhesive does not hold it. I'm sorry to say that you are going to
a constant battle with the sagging headliner until you deal with it once
for all. My problem also started in the forward cabin, I solved this with
thin ( 30mm x 5mm) mahogany strips fixed with very small thin screws into
the roof. It worked well and still looks great, however this is the
cabin to deal with. The rest of the boat (as the problem spreads) is
because of all the corners and shapes etc. I used a mixture of some
strips and some areas I re attached the vinyl. This was a messy horrible
and does not look good. It involves peeling back the vinyl until you reach
an area that is still good, then scrape, sand or rub with paint thiner to
remove the old backing. Mask and goggles a must! Then I used a regular
on contact adhesive. This seems to have solved the problem for me
temporarily, but it does not look great, the areas where i re glued the
vinyl are now without backing and looks flat and different. The vinyl in
closets will also start to fall off, here I just ripped it all off and
cleaned and painted the walls with a gloss white, looks OK and easy to
clean. I accept that very soon I will have to bite the bullet and strip
whole boat out and do it again from scratch. My plan is to do this when I
next get to cruise south, maybe Grenada where it will be much cheaper to
it than here in New York. One thing for sure, I'M NOT DOING IT!!
I was in Croatia 3 years ago and you can find good local labor at
reasonable rates, I found going through the Marinas was very expensive and
frustrating, maybe you should start by talking to local auto shops.
Good luck with your project. I think I am going to research this
product mention in this topic.
Bob, s/ v Minaxi. Currently in NY waiting for our next escape.
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We are owners of a '93 Amel SM and have been trying to find out how to
repair the sagging headlining.
At first just a small area in the front cabin of our Amel had vinyl
loose and hanging (we're using bullclips as a temporary fix to hold the
pieces up). Now there are several areas that are sagging in the main
closets and wc. We have inquired about the problem and it sounds like a
major project of taking it all out (requiring screws, panels and various
other boat parts to be removed) and redoing it all with new headlining. We
have also heard of people getting wood slats to screw in to hold the vinyl
up. With this option, how do we clean out all the disintegrated foam/dust
that is most likely resting in there without loosening the vinyl further.
Where are the best places to screw in the wood panel pieces, what type of
wood is best and what width? Also, what type of adhesive is best to reglue
the vinyl to the fiberglass ceilings/walls? Any how-to advice would be
greatly appreciated. If best to have it professionally done, any
recommendations for someone who can repair the headlining in or near
Croatia? Finally, how can we prevent the sagging from occurring again?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

Deb & Mike
s/v Coriandre


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