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We just went through this with a 53 here in Newport. This issue seems to be with Auto Prop. Either a bit of an issue the coating or one blade with a less then perfect coating. To prove the point the fixed prop solved the rev issue.

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Just installed a reconditioned Turbo charger on Libby's (#196) TMD22. The Turbo was indeed seized solid as was the waste gate actuator.
Prior to installing the re-conditioned unit we noted that the highest RPM we could achieve was 2000. This gave us a boat speed of aprox 6-7 knots depending on conditions. We have the factory feathering Auto prop installed.
Having read the associated threads on this forum I fully expected post installation of the refurbished unit to achieve upwards of 2800 RPM and an increase in top end boat speed.
Alas, not the case.
From a standing start the engine will rev up to 2300 RPM until the feathering prop builds it maximum thrust and the RPM's drop down the 2000 RPM and 6-7 knots of speed.

I would like to know if I am missing something here with respect to my expectations.
Can anyone offer up some wisdom?

SV Libby #196
San Diego

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