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Danny slightly off subject. Have you spoken to Cameron in NZ about what he has done on Tranquility with lithium batteries?
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Hi All.
I have watched with interest the various discussions on the relative merits and pitfalls of various chargers and batteries. On the dolphin charger, behind the face plate there is a small dial numbered 0 to 9. No where have I seen reference to the different positions required on this scale that are required for different battery types.
Also I have not seen reference to the de-sulphation or sulphation recovery program for wet flooded electolyte batteries that is available on the dolphin, ( and other chargers too I am sure).
A friend of ours does this desulphation regularly and has got over 10 years life from his lead acid batteries. I claim no expertise at all in the matter of batteries and chargers, I'm just a careful user and believe we may have extended the life of our batteries by this method.
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