Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Watermakers

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Dear John & Walter,

I may be mistaken, but I am not sure that you are right about the nature of
the salinity tester. On my 160 l/h unit, there is a device with two probes
that is located on the output of the membranes. It consists of two probes
that measure, presumably, the conductivity of the desalinated water which
will be related to the salt content. This device controls the diverter valve
that allows water to enter the tank when it meets the required level of

This seems to use a similar principle to my Hanna water tester, two probes
measuring the conductivity of the water. I do seem to remember talking to
Desalinator at the Cannes boat show some time ago, and they did mention that
you do need to keep these probes clean for them to work properly. Could it
be that the probes on Blue Marine were contaminated and that the probe was
not working properly?

Season's Greeting so all.

Ian Shepherd "Crusader" SM 414


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