John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Happy New Year Ian,
We hope that you are enjoying your festivities. We leave Malta
tomorrow for a couple of weeks in the UK,Boat Show etc.
Our boat is out of the water so I cannot test the salinity monitor.
However when I went to clean the probes some time ago they were
I did check the time between turning the machine on and the opening
of the solenoid valve and it is exactly two minutes. The simple test
is to remove the wire from the probe so that cannot work and then
switch on the watermaker and I think you will find that the green
LED comes on and the solenoid operates after 120 seconds. Please let
us all know.
I had an American watermaker, a PUR Power Recovery 12 volt at one
time and they told me that they had been unable to find a long
lasting soleniod valve as sea water killed them off sooner or later.
I therefore installed a 3 way valve in the system so I could switch
over manually when the green light came on the salinity monitor and
I also had a T junction in the product line feeding a valve in a
convenient position so that I could taste the product as a check on
the monitor.

All the best, John

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