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Stephen Hancock

I agree that Turkey is a more European country then Egypt but to tell someone it is safe without knowing what to expect is a bit to much.  My point was that unless this area is very familiar to some one they must take precautions beyond someone with your experience. Maybe a guide.  These are great people with a great culture but unless you know the area then you are taking a chance. Also ask the Armenians if the Turks are always non violent.  You seem the think that we are all as worldly as you. I only wish it were so.  I would feel more safe there then most American big cities if I knew what you evidently know. " Cannons to the right, onward rode the light brigade"



Respectfully, Stephen Hancock, I disagree.

First of all, when discussing the degree of safety & security, anyone using any analysis compares the known or familiar to the unknown. It is a logical process. As far as I know, there is no place that is totally safe, therefore, degrees of safety.

Secondly, to then continue your argument with a "comparison" of Islamist Arab radicals in Egypt who want more religion in their government to non-Arab Muslims in Turkey who are protesting for less religion in government, contradicts your first premise which was against comparing Chicago to Turkey.

We arrived in Turkey in April 2011. How long have you been there? Where are you? We should meet and compare information.

Oh, and by the way, there is no way we would have considered Egypt in 2011-current time...and we will not cruise Israel...possibly you can understand our decision process.

We are going to be cruising Turkey this summer with our pre-teen granddaughter, "BeBe." Now you know where the name of the boat came from. We have been touring the world for the last seven plus years. I am constantly amazed how intelligent people react to news that has been twisted to make a headline, or gain a "click."

All of the above is my opinion, based on my experience and research. I believe that each person should make decisions based on the best information available.

Selfishly, I hope that some sailors stay away from was a little crowded last season.


BeBe, SM2k, #387
Gocek, Turkey

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Just because cities in the U.S. are dangerous, like Chicago and Detroit does not mean areas in Turkey are worth risking your life to visit. I heard the same argument about Egypt and now you are never sure what to expect. Muslim extremists are every where and if you don't really know the area then you are putting yourself in danger, much like visiting Detroit. Great culture but now maybe not the time to visit for the novice. 




We have been in the US since Dec because of my cancer surgery in Feb. We return to Gocek on 1 July.

We do not consider things dangerous in Turkey. Remember, the protests are against the government's conservative swing to add more religion to government. Ataturk led the revolution which created a secular state. Most Turks want what Ataturk fought for. These protests are not unlike protests against too much government in the US. Look at the crime and murder rate in Turkey as compared to the US or UK before making a decision. You will be surprised at how much safer Turkey is. Also remember that it is very unlikely that you will be wihin 1000 miles of any protest while cruising Turkey.

Hope this helps.

BeBe, Sm2k, #387
Gocek, Turkey

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Hello Bill and Judy,
I have some friends who were going to spend a few days holiday in Turkey with their children.I have just received a couple of messages forwarded from Turks warning about the troubles from which it would appear that things could get worse not better on the basis that many are unhappy about the trend away from the secular state to an Islamic one.
Do you have any views for those who were intending to sail to Turkey this season?

Best wishes, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM319, Malta

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